Johnie Berntsson - Swedish sailor of the year

Skipper Johnie Berntsson and his crew were crowned Swedish Sailors of the Year by the Swedish Sailing Federation today in a prize ceremony at the Gothenburg Boat Show. With fierce competition from the rest of the Swedish sailing elite, Berntsson is well worthy of the award after placing third in the World Match Racing Tour 2011.

– The whole crew is very happy to receive this award and for us it’s the nicest title you can have as a Swedish sailor. It means a lot because many other sailors performed well last year, says Johnie Berntsson.

With the goal of taking a top three overall position in the World Match Racing Tour within three years, Berntsson made his debut as a tour card holder in last year’s season. After a slow start of the tour, he was able to reach that goal sooner than expected as his form developed during the summer. He finished the season by sailing his way into the finals of the Monsoon Cup where he lost to tour champion Ian Williams. Nevertheless, the overall bronze medal was his and now he looks forward to his second season as a tour card holder.

– It feels great preparing for the coming tour with some evidence of what we can accomplish. We know it’s going to be difficult but now it’s realistic to start aiming for the top of the scoreboard.     

Like many other Swedes, Johnie Berntsson ranks Stena Match Cup Sweden as a highpoint of the coming year.

– It’s the event that we are looking forward to the most because all our friends and sponsors will get to see us sail. A win at Marstrand is certainly something we would like to place among our merits.


Fabian Bengtsson

Swedish Sailors of the year 2011 – Johnie Berntsson and his crew; Daniel Wallberg, Johan Barne, Nils Bjerkås, Oscar Angervall, Magnus Lundberg, Niklas Carlzon, Björn Lundgren and Anders Dahlsjö